Ri Lee Tibetan Terriers® resides on a beautifully wooded, private piece of property located just 20 minutes north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Along with several tree lined and fenced acres, there is a spring fed pond for the dogs to play around and swim in - as do mine. They have a happy-go-lucky life here, and it exemplifies what I search for in a home when placing puppies. Ri Lee Kennels is also a fully equipped boarding facility.

All my puppies are born, raised, and live in my home so they are very well socialized and mannered. (Please
refer to the many comments from past satisfied customers.) They are exposed to many different situations to ensure they are well adjusted before they are placed.

In the show ring, Ri Lee Kennels has set many breed records on the way to the top. Maddie is following in the championship footsteps of her stunning grandmother Liz and flashy great aunt Stella, both of whom enjoyed being #1. Maddie is the third bitch in a row produced by Ri Lee Tibetans , to have won multiple Best In Shows. It is humbling to know my kennel is the only one to hold this record. Reese has also gone on to continue the Best In Show winning tradition making him a fourth generation Best In Show winner for Ri Lee show dogs!

Ri Lee Kennels also boasts over champions of record to date. Ri Lee Kennels vision is how best to produce the most healthy, genetically sound, Tibetan Terrier possible via extensive genetic testing and attention to bloodline. Beauty cannot only be considered on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Please contact me with any questions, and thank you for visiting the pages of Ri Lee Tibetan Terriers ®