Please take a few moments to review some of the comments from the customers of Ri Lee Tibetans. It is a true testament of how much a Ri Lee puppy can bring to your lives. It warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye to know my dogs mean so much to so many. I love receiving your notes and photos! Please enjoy.

QuoteNikkie, As you already know, I've been having a heck of a time with my neck lately. I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate all of your help with Denver. I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and generosity. Every time that I have an awww 🐶💕 moment with Denver, I think of how much joy he has brought to my life. You are directly responsible for that and I thank you so very much! I hope that you are having a great day!
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QuoteAward Winning Kennel and Breeder

As puppy adoptees from RiLee Kennels this year, we find Nikkie Kinzinger a superb breeder not to mention her par excellent Breeding Program. Nikkie nurtures her puppies through a loving relationship with both the individuals and litter mates as a whole through her excellent socialization methods.

The pups are attuned to Nikkie’s special call, conversation and language. When she gave the cue to play in the daisies, all the pups exuberantly bounded to the patch to play with each other, romp through the flowers and jump into the shallow pond.

Nikkie’s two Westminster Champs were present with the 10 week old litter we adopted from. They were calm and dignified around the little rascals which added the flavor of an integrated family.

The dedication by Nikkie to these wonderful pups was touchingly demonstrated by her parting whispers to our acquired pup, a good by hug and her tears of adieu. Her dedication extends beyond adoption through her frequent communication with us about our newly acquired pup concerning her well being and growth. I doubt if a prospective buyer for a Tibetan Terrier puppy could find a more informed, thoroughly engaged and loving breeder than Nikkie Kinziger at Ri Lee Kennels. Jim & Jane Graham, Iowa

Best wishes,
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QuoteHi Nikkie. I hope you are doing well. Cameron is adjusting so well, and we feel so so blessed to have him!! He's sleeping so well at night-hasn't cried at all and sleeps til 8 or 9 every morning. He is such a people puppy and has loved getting to know everyone in our neighborhood. We joke that he really looks offended if a stranger doesn't stop to comment on how cute he is.

I thought I'd send over some pictures and videos so you can see how he's doing. We have more videos than pictures because he's not really a fan of being still!

We've had a couple big outings so far. We took him to PetSmart to find a harness that's the right size and let him pick out some toys. As you can tell, he shopped til he dropped! He ended up picking out a giant orange octopus. All of Cameron's favorite toys are bigger than he is. He drags his stuffed bunny around everywhere, which is quite the workout for him!

We've also taken him several times to the dog park in our apartment complex. He's already starting to learn what "park" means and he gets so excited he'll run all the way there. We're always the only ones in the park, so Cameron gets to come off of the leash and run around.

Chris and I really can't begin to express how thankful we are to have Cameron. He is absolutely perfect in every way, and we think he already loves us as much as we love him. The three of us have to be together at all times-it's not enough for Cameron to have just me or Chris, we both have to be right there with him or he will cry.

Once again, thank you so much for allowing us to be parents to this amazing pup! He's everything we were hoping for and more.

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Hi Nikkie...There are just times when I need to say THANK YOU! I love both my dogs but I have to say that Nova has been the perfect companion through all of my surgery and on-going healing. She has stayed by my side, has been calm, careful, and constant. Now, when I am able to get out and walk, she is careful not to pull on the lead or if loose, stays right by me. I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful dog with me. Pat

Dear Nikkie, I really enjoyed reading your highlights of the year. We received Christmas cards every year now from Sengi (Lucas' half brother). Amazing how they look alike. We met them on a random walk down Michigan Ave. in Chicago a year or two ago! Lucas is the SWEETEST boy! He is so patient, kind, loving and relaxed! Our new home has dark hardwood floors and Lucas seems to be a bit spooked on them. He has made his own comfortable adjustment that are a bit "odd" but we get a kick out of it...He will walk in "backwards" yes "butt - first" into a few rooms. UMMM ---when he does this "fast" we cant stop laughing. I keep turning him around to let him know it ok and safe... but we think he enjoys hearing the laughter and gets so excited like he is trying to say "tadaaaaa"!!! crazy hugh? People stop me everywhere I go to ask about Lucas. Its really nice to walk with him, he ALWAYS carries a toy. We love the fact that anyone that looks at him will get a HUGE smile on their face. Tourists love to take photos of him when he is wearing his "UGGS" We visit your web site on average of once a month to enjoy the updates and look at all the puppy photos! We love doing that. Warmest regards, Rita, Scott and Lucas

Hi Nikkie, Great to hear from you and congrats on all of Ri Lee's achievements this year. Vivian has become a lovely companion - she still goes to daycare at the same place as Buddy, but she also made a new friend there named Little Bear. There was a Halloween party to raise money for OccuPaws and they dressed up as a Badger cheerleader and football player - I've attached a picture. Good luck in 2011, Julie and Vivian

Hi Nikkie I really enjoyed reading your Christams email you sent out to everyone. You have made such progress and improvement to the breed, I am proud to own one of your dogs and wouldn't be surprised if I come back for another in the near future! Who are your puppies out of that you have now?! I got Torch's show photo in the mail yesterday, it was takenthe day before he finished, he is now CH. RiLee Northwoods Blaze Of Teasia Glory! We do want to keep showing him and go for Grand Champion but I want his coat to come in a little bit more. Nikkie, he is such a sweet and loving boy, I just love him so much. My Best, Linda

Hi Nikkie, What a wonderful year! I have to tell you again that Olivia is the light of my life. She is a treasure. I will get a photo to you when I can. She just makes me smile every day. In fact, she is now also smiling. When I tell her to smile, she shows her teeth. So Cute! Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you so much again for allowing Olivia to come into my life! Carol

A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! U are a great mommy. We can tell she was so loved! She loves snuggling. In her crate sleeping now. So alert. Doesn't miss a thing. Played with the ball. Luv her so. Tashi is great! I believe she is growing like a weed. She is super social and loves everyone. I will send a photo of our little girl who is absolutely fantastic. We can't believe we waited so long. The kids are GAGA for her and she loves them too. Chapita (my nanny) adores her and she gets walked and played with all day long. Jeri

Things are going really well! He is such a good boy!! :) Eating a little better. Having play dates with doggies of friends. House training is perfect...knock on wood! Not one single mess in the house yet. Just a love...thank you! Mary

Thanks Nikkie. We are great. Fulton has blended in very very well. He is doing great. He is a very good dog who likes to play and be around his family. He and Otis get along very well. Otis is teaching him the "ropes". All of us are doing well and life is good. George

Here are a few more pictures of Shadow. She's doing great! It's been cold and rainy, so she looks a little dirty in the photos, but she's very good about being bathed. She's doing really well...sleeps through the night... We've started puppy classes and she can already sit, she's also getting really good at doing it with just the hand command and no words...such a smart puppy....I'm very impressed...She's so social, loves other people and dogs. She's great...very consistent about going outside to do her business. Everybody here absolutely loves her and thinks she is the cutest dog ever! Our whole family just loves her...even our son who was cautious about letting another dog into his heart, after losing Sam last summer, is completely in love...they're off to bed together now. Debbie

Mochi was the best behaved houseguest!! No accidents, played with her toys, slept well on a big bed and she was good with the baby. Mochi is socializing well to the neighborhood and other dogs in the 'hood. She is pretty fearless and even one of the older male dogs rolled on his back for her!! She is an absolute lover and soooooosweet and smart!! France

Good first night! Mika wore him out and he was glad to lay down and go to sleep. Slept in the kennel until 4:30 when he heard me get up. I took him out then and put him in bed with us and he went back to sleep. Up now and playing nicely with Mika with toys – they both carry the same one and trot all over the house with it. So far no accidents in the house… Jill

Skeeter is doing great and getting bigger every day it seems. He's taken over the whole house already. He and Penny play every day, she really is very good with him. I wanted to ask you where you had gotten his little lavendar toy. He really likes it. He is so cute - and so spoiled. Judy

Just to let you know, everything is going just fine; you've obviously done a wonderful job and raised a happy, well-adjusted puppy. Otto seems to be her role model at the moment; she tries to follow him wherever he goes. We've gone for a couple of short walks on the leash and she's doing well for being young (and easily distracted by all the new smells!). I know you miss her, but we already treasure her! She is such a sweet-tempered pup with enthusiasm for life! Connie

We somehow lost touch with you after Daisy's first year or so. We have been meaning to get in touch for quite a while though. We wanted to let you know how much we adore our girl and also to tell you what a truly wonderful dog she is. She has added so much to our lives and the rest of our large extended family. She is just thriving and is so beautiful too. Not a day has gone by since we brought her home that someone hasn't stopped us to ask what kind of dog she is. The remarks are always the same....she is the most adorable dog they've ever seen! I then get to tell them a little about the breed,etc. Just this morning a person stopped me and said she looks like a "show dog" with that prancing gait. I told her that her relatives all are! But seriously she is just so smart and oozes personality. We always watch for you and all your Tibetans at Westminster each year too. Always impressive! Anyway I hope this finds you all well and will try to stay in touch from time to time. Enjoy rest of summer.

Attached are a couple of pictures of Shadow from hiking this summer. She's doing great and is the best dog ever!! Cheers!